Treating Pediatric OCD: The Good, The Bad, and The Completely Disgusting!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a serious problem, impacting 1-3% of people across the lifespan. OCD most commonly starts in childhood and can impact kids’ and teens’ ability to function at school, with friends, and at home. Unfortunately, because many people with OCD recognize that what they are doing is “weird” or “gross” or makes them feel “crazy,” they try to hide it, and so are often misdiagnosed or do not receive appropriate treatment. But there are treatments available that can work, and getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment early can help these kids and teens f...Read moreeel better faster and grow up more prepared to cope with their OCD over the course of their life.

This webinar will help you learn to identify pediatric OCD, and then understand the basics of the most effective form of therapy - Exposure and Response Prevention. It will help you start to learn to go beyond the basic idea of exposures with kids, and learn to tailor exposures and exposure hierarchies to every individual while keeping kids engaged in the process despite the discomfort an exposure can create. It will discuss the role of parents and therapists as they help their kids “ride the wave” of anxiety. Less...

Learning Objectives

  • State 3 common obsessive and compulsive symptoms in kids and teens
  • List a basic 10-item exposure hierarchy for common OCD symptoms
  • Write an effective exposure activity that both increases a child's level of discomfort, while limiting their engagement in ritualized behaviors to reduce that discomfort

Friday, February 07, 2020


12:00 PM EST - 01:00 PM EST

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