Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy: A Conceptual Overview

The key concepts of the Internal Family System (IFS) Model of Psychotherapy will be presented in this training. A model that is showing great progress with many different clients, IFS assumes that multiplicity or the parts in a person are normal and that if we respectfully get to know them and work with them much healing can occur. The model is non-pathologizing because one of the assumptions is that trauma and difficulties in life are the result of the events that happen outside of the individual and not anything pathological or wrong or bad in the inside of the person. It is these harsh cond...Read moreitions and difficult events that result in a person’s parts taking on behaviors that are sometimes extreme for the purpose of protecting and helping the person survive. This training will cover these concepts and some of the healing processes that can improve outcomes for our clients. Less...

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the history of ego state therapy and the development and key concepts of the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) of therapy.
  • Discuss and describe at least three IFS strategies or interventions which promote and allow integration of the inner system.
  • Differentiate between direct access and insight in working with the parts in a client's system.
  • Compare therapeutic interactions and decipher when an interaction appears to have a part blended with the client’s Self and when an interaction appears to show a part that has unblended with the client’s Self.
  • Identify at least five characteristics of the IFS concept of Self and the role of Self Leadership in the system.
  • Assess the strength of the therapeutic relationship as it applies to the IFS therapist.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Empower Health Center
699 Cross Street,, Lakewood, NJ, 08751

09:00 AM EDT - 05:30 PM EDT

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9:00 am     Welcome, Introductions, Learning Objectives and Outline of the day

9:30 am     Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) as an Ego State Model; Similarities and Differences between other Ego State Models and the IFS Model; Assumptions of the IFS Model

10:00 am   Systemic aspects of the IFS Model; Categories of Parts into Protectors and Exiles; Characteristics of Exiles and Protectors/Managers and Protectors/Firefighters

10:30 am   15 minute Break

10:45 am   Why Do we Have Parts In the First Place? Life can be Harsh; We get Burdened; Concept of Self

12:00 pm   What is Self Energy?; Dynamics of IFS related to Blending and Unblending

12:30 pm   Lunch

1:00 pm     Session Processes: The Six F’s; Two Different Ways of Working with Parts: Direct Access and Insight

2:00 pm     The Healing Steps: Witnessing, Retrieval, Unburdening; The Stages of Formal Unburdening: Ritual/ceremony/release; Invitation; Integration

3:00 pm    15 minute Break

3:15 pm     A Note on Therapist’s Parts

3:30 pm     Either a Demonstration Session or a Video Tape of an IFS Session

4:30 pm     Whole Group Discussion

5:00 pm     Questions and Answers

5:30 pm     Adjourn

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