Examining Whiteness in the Therapy Room (Part 2)

Deepen your awareness of how white supremacy culture shows up in the therapy room.

Attendees will be introduced to ways in which we perpetuate anti-Blackness, colorism, ableism, queerphobia and/or transphobia. In our roles as social workers we may inadvertently be participating in putting trauma on display, burdening Black, Indigenous and People of Color when they should be centered as clients. Our professions in social work, mental health, and medical settings sets us up in positions of power. Those of us with skin privilege may be actively participating in aspects of white supremacy cultu
...Read morere without awareness, exacting a cost upon clients within these systems that are meant to help them.

We will discuss examples of how we can replicate and participate in aspects of white supremacy culture identified by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun. Within our work, most of us have been acculturated to harmful characteristics of white supremacy culture like defensiveness, paternalism, fear of open conflict, individualism, objectivity, and the right to comfort and more. Many of these characteristics are embedded within our theories, methods, and practices as our field has been built within this culture. While we are not individually responsible for this oppressive history of social work, we are responsible for reducing harm and transforming our profession for the better.

Attendees will have attended Examining whiteness in the therapy room part 1 or have foundational understanding of white supremacy culture before attending this training. If you have questions about whether this CE training is appropriate for your learning level, please contact Molly@sextherapynm.com. Less...

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize ways in which we perpetuate anti-Blackness, colorism, queerphobia, ableism and transphobia.
  • Identify ways in which we replicate harmful characteristics of white supremacy culture like defensiveness, paternalism, fear of open conflict, individualism, objectivity, and the right to comfort.
  • Examine how to actively engage in the personal deconstruction of white supremacy culture in order to reduce harm to BIPOC clients in therapeutic settings.
  • Identify liberatory, anti-racist approaches and practices to bring into therapy.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Live Interactive Webinar

11:00 AM MST - 01:00 PM MST

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