Ethics & Cultural Diversity Training: Patient Abandonment and Cultural Humility, Best Practices

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Join Dr. Pamela Harmell, a nationally recognized lecturer, specializing in legal and ethical issues in clinical practice.  Dr. Hamell’s first session addresses Patient Abandonment and will include when it is ethically appropriate to terminate the relationship with a client, even if the client objects, along with the four elements required for proper termination.  This session will also cover how clinicians can protect themselves for claims of discrimination or abandonment when terminating a client.  

Her second session Cultural Humility will address all ethical aspects of cultural sensitivity in the current climate and will include how the DSM 5 addresses culture in diagnostic practices, along with how you use intersectionality in your clinical work.

Featured Speaker

Pamela Harmell, Ph.D.
Pamela Harmell, Ph.D.
Professor, Pepperdine University