F*cking Jealousy: Breaking Down Insecurity and Jealousy with Polyamorous and Monogamous Clients

Jealousy is uncomfortable. People judge it, feel shame about it, push it down, or maybe think someone must have done something wrong if anyone’s feeling it. But if we can help clients tune into what’s underneath jealousy, we might find a valuable source of information. Jealousy can tell us about our needs, desires, boundaries, and perhaps it just wants to be acknowledged and heard.

Join me in breaking down the complex experience of jealousy into its underlying parts. Through better understanding of what’s underneath the jealousy we can help clients gain insight about their needs, let go of
...Read more shame, and feel closer to partners.

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AASECT Core Knowledge Areas:
A. Ethics and ethical behavior.
C. Socio-cultural, familial factors (e.g., ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, family values), in relation to sexual values and behaviors.
D. Issues related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity: heterosexuality, issues and themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people; gender identity and expression.
F. Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles, including, but not limited to, polyamory, swinging, BDSM and tantra.

Sex Therapy Skills:
C. Theory and methods of approach to intervention in relationship systems experiencing sex and intimacy problems.
E. Principles of consultation, collaboration, and referral.
F. Ethical decision-making and best practice. Less...

Learning Objectives

  • Describe core emotions within jealousy.
  • Increase intersectional understanding of common attachment vulnerabilities.
  • Identify 3 practices clients can use to manage jealousy.

Friday, September 09, 2022

Live Interactive Webinar

12:00 PM MDT - 02:00 PM MDT

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